Best Foreign Slasher Short Film- The Mourners -Daniele Lince

Runner Up Best Foreign Slasher Film- El Gigante-Raynor Shirha

Foreign Horror Fantasy Short

Best Actor- Christian Benedetti for The Call

Best Actress- Pamela Ravassard for The Call

Best Director- Alban Ravassard for The Call

Best Cinematography- Raul Fernandez for The Call

Best Soundtrack- Francois Lietout for The Call

Best Foreign Sci Fi/Horror Short Film-Sector Zero4-Alphonso Garcia-Madrid Spain

Best Foreign Horror Paranormal Short

Best Actress- Camela Zumbado for Boniato

Best Actor- Felix Cortes for Boniato

Best Director- Diego Meza-Valdes, Andres Meza-Valdes, Eric Mainade for Boniato

Best Cinematography- Antal El Hungaro for Boniato

Best Foreign Horror Comedy Short

Best Foreign Comedy Short-The Barbers Cut-Mark Brocking

Runner Up Foreign Comedy Short-Cakeboy-David Gregory

Best Actor- Lewis Georgeson

Best Actress -Alisa Arnah

Best Director-Mark Brocking for The Barbers Cut

Best Cinematography-Malcolm Hadley for The Barbers Cut


Best Foreign Feature Length Slasher film-Braxton-Leo McGuigan

Best Foreign Zombie Feature-Granny of the Dead -Director Tudley James

Runner Up Best Foreign Zombie Feature- Plague-Alexandros Ouzas

Best Foreign Paranormal Feature-Ambers Haunt-Director Joe James

Best Foreign Horror Drama-Plague directed by Kosta Ouzas and Nick Kozakis

Best Actress-Tegan Crowley for Plague

Best Actor-Don Bridges for Plague

Best Supporting Actor-Nicholas Stribakos for Plague

Best Director -Kosta Ouzas and Nick Kozakis for Plague

Best Cinematography -Tim Metherall for Plague


Best Horror Comedy Short-The Little Missus-Adam Beal

Runner Up Best Comedy Short-Hungry -John Montana

Best Sci Fi/Horror Short film-Seeing Red-Directed By Adam Thomas

Best Slasher Short Film- The Watcher-Cynthia Bergen

Runner Up Best Horror Slasher Short Film- Surgery-Katie Mccoullogh

Best Zombie Comedy Short Film  

April dir by Mike Piccirillo

Horror Paranormal Short

Best Paranormal Short-The Smiling Man-A.J. Briones

Runner Up Best Paranormal Short-Special Mikeal Burgin

Best Actor Strange Dave for The Smiling Man

Best Actress Katie Stewart Stanley  for Awakening

Best Supporting Actress-Sebrina Scott for Awakening

Director A.J Briones The Smiling Man

Best Cinematography Awakening Cinematographer Antonio Pantojo


Best Paranormal Feature-Bristol Goodman-Dan Harnden

Best Actor –  John Golaszeewski for Bristol Goodman

Best Actress- Natalia Volkodaeva for Bristol Goodman

Best Director-  Dan Harnden for Bristol Goodman

Best Cinematography- Tom Morgan, James Smith, Ian Dudley for Bristol Goodman

Best Zombie Feature- I Am Alone-Robert Palmer

Runner Up Best Zombie Feature-Trail of Blood on the Trail-Kate Lavin

Best Actor- Gareth David-Lloyd

Best Horror Comedy Feature-Chip and Bernies Zomance

Runner Up Best Horror Comedy Feature-Bloody Island- Joseph Kelly

Best Feature Length Slasher film-No Solicitors-John Callas

Runner Up Best Feature Length -The Inflicted-Mathan Harris

Best Actor- Eric Roberts


Best Zombie Screenplay -Children of the Dead-Jeff Bassetti

Best Horror Thriller Screenplay-Hotel Hotel Purgatorio-Joey Agbayani

Best Horror Slasher Screenplay- Gary Fenn-Sheldon Schatz

Best Paranormal Screenplay - Broken Spirits-John Leary


Best Horror Fan Film-Confessions of Fred Krueger-Director Nathan Thomas Milliner

Horror Fan Film

Best Actor Kevin Roach for Confessions of Fred Krueger

Best Director Nathan Thomas Milliner for Confessions of Fred Krueger

Best Cinematography-DP Bonnell for Confessions of Fred Krueger

Best Fan Film Soundtrack-Lito Velasco for Confessions  of Fred Krueger

Best Superhero Fan Film-Batgirl Rises-Vincent Tran

Best Actor-Ricco Ross as The Riddler for Batgirl Rises

Best Actress-Constance Brenneman as Harleen Quinzel for Batgirl Rises

Best Director-Vincent Tran for Batgirl Rises  

Best Cinematography-Danit Sigler for Batgirl Rises

Best Fantasy Fan Film- On the Edge of Oblivion-Jordan Inconstant

Best Actor-Jordan Inconstant-(Voice Bruno Choel) for on the Edge of Oblivion

Best Actress-Evelyne Inconstant for on the Edge of Oblivion

Best Director-Jordan Inconstant for on the Edge of Oblivion


Kentucky Filmmaker of  the Year: Claude Miles

Best Web Series-Ray Gets Robbed: Da Bear-Robert Mcbride

Best Experimental Horror film-  The Eve -Yuris Massoni

Best Horror Anthology-Volumes of Blood-Directed by P.J. Starks, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Jacob Bilinksi, Lee Vorvoort.

Best Cult Film- Fish Eye-Corey Nikolaus

Best Gore Effects-Bad Guy #2-Chris Mcinroy

Best CGI-  The Barber Cuts Video Post by Tim Kirkby

Honorable Mention Best Foreign Horror Paranormal Short- The Ritual dir by Arkadiy Gazaryan

Honorable Mention Best Foreign Comedy Short-Fine Dining dir Stephen Smyth

Honorable Mention Best Foreign Zombie Feature-Plague dir by Alexndros Ouzas

Honorable Mention Best Foreign Slasher Short - The Eve dir by Luca Machnich

Honorable Mention Best US Horror Paranormal Short-Jasmine dir by Krystal Heib

Honorable Mention Best US Horror Paranormal Feature-The Arc of Methul dir by Charles Davis

Honorable Mention Best US Horror Comedy Short-Invaders dir Jason Kupfer

Honorable Mention Best US Horror Slasher Short-Iris dir by Richard Karpala

Locksmiths dir James Kwon Lee

Honorable Mention Best US Horror Slasher Feature -The Inflicted dir Mathan Harris

Honorable Mention Best US Zombie Feature – Flesh of my Flesh dir Edward Martin

Honorable Mention Best Fan Film-Fodder dir by David Dollard